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In the pocket with Laurence Nixon (Mar 3, 2010)

Laurence Nixon

Huskies Quarterback Laurence Nixon has submitted his first blog entry in 2010. Nixon had the popular blog “In the pocket with Laurence Nixon” during the 2009 season. Here is his post…

As it has been quite some time since my last blog post, quite a bit has happened within the team. We said goodbye to our seniors, handed out our awards and thanked our coaches at our year-end banquet, we began our off-season training and began the tedious recruitment process.

Thankfully, we only lost five seniors to eligibility this year: Scott McHenry, Tyler O’Gorman, Hubert Buydens. Taylor Wallace and Cory Jones. However we run the risk of losing a couple more players as three of our most talented players are heading to the CFL Ecamp in about a week’s time: Paddy Neufeld, Grant Shaw and Jonathan Krahenbil.

Turnover is a part of every off-season. You hear of guys not returning and it places the tiniest spec of doubt in your head about whether the team will be as strong as the year previous. You can’t help but thinking about how you did last year, evaluate the importance of each non-returning player to that team and then project how strong you think the team will be without them.

Come spring camp in May, we could be without seven big names. How do you replace a Wallace, McHenry, O’Gorman, Jones, Buydens, Neufeld, Krahenbil and Shaw? The answer to the question becomes daunting when you think about how significant those seven players were to this Huskies team over the past 3-5 years. I remember asking myself this question sometime in December. After thinking for a few moments I remember the answer.

You replace all of these great players with guys like Braeden George, Cody Hallseth, Jeff Moore, Jeff Hassler and Burton Haig. You remember that the success of this program is based on its ability to recruit depth in every position. You give a few youngsters an opportunity to prove themselves and allow the team to strengthen by encouraging them and helping them along.

At this point in the off-season, we have had roughly 60+ players attend our morning workouts. We spent six weeks in the PAC center working on speed and agility and have now moved into the soccer center to work on some timing and position specific drills. ‘Bart U’, which consists of further speed and agility training on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, has increased in number from last year. On top of all of this is our regular weight-training program, which consists of four to five work outs a week. The team is getting stronger, faster and more anxious.

Lastly, when thinking about how the 2010 Huskies will stack up against the 2009 Huskies, you need to remember that we have a Hall of Fame recruiter in the head office. Head Coach Brian Towriss is one of the best recruiters in the business because he is honest, straightforward and proud of the organization he has built. Every year that it seems like we will lose a bit of depth or skill in a specific position, he surprises us all by bringing in someone spectacular.

With roughly two months until spring training camp, I am excited for what is ahead and confident in the group of guys we have. Though we did not ‘Prove It’ last year and win a Vanier Cup Championship, we certainly walked away from the Canada West Championship game wanting more and knowing how close we came to reaching out goal.

Stay tuned for more as we get set to begin building off of last year with one thing in mind: finishing what was started.

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Laurence Nixon
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