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Huskies recruiting preview, part 2 of 6: Receivers

We continue with the second of our six-part series examining the Huskies’ recruiting needs this offseason. Today, we look at the receivers.

Graduating Players: Scott McHenry, Cory Jones

Likely Returning Veterans: Travis Gorski, Rory Kohlert, Braeden George, Jeff Moore, Shayne Dueck, Garrett Bolen, Jade Etienne, Nick Baldwin, Garrett Burgess, Adam Nesbitt, Matt Walker, Andrew Breker, Matt Pfeifer

Huskies vs Bears

Slotback Braeden George

Outlook: In spite of losing long-time starters Scott McHenry and Cory Jones, the Huskies still return a formidable group of receivers, including leading receiver Travis Gorski (43 receptions, 467 yards), and clutch playoff performers Braeden George (10 receptions, 244 yards and four touchdowns) and Rory Kohlert (6 receptions, 161 yards and one touchdown).

McHenry had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. A big, sure-handed slotback, he was the Huskies’ go-to-guy for third down conversions over the past five years. Cory Jones, after overcoming the injury problems that plagued his first two years, was a speedy game breaker who became a reliable weapon for Huskie quarterbacks over the past two seasons. It would appear that the Huskies have a number of options for replacing both players: Garrett Bolen, who has the size and showed he can play at this level in the limited playing time he received, and junior veteran Shayne Dueck, who was a solid, reliable receiver throughout the season, are first in line for McHenry’s vacated position, while third-year player Jeff Moore, who has excellent speed, and the sure-handed Jade Etienne, are solid candidates for Jones’ spot.

Huskies vs Rams Sept 11/09

Wide Receiver Travis Gorski

The Huskies offence rarely relies on one receiver, preferring to spread the ball around to a number of receivers. In this system, depth is a necessity, and the loss of two staring receivers means another two or three receivers will need to be added. With Gorski heading into his fifth year, and Kohlert and Dueck heading into their fourth years, we may see four receivers added, depending on how comfortable the coaching staff is with the current depth. There are a few receivers the coaches have their eyes on, looking to add not only depth, but perhaps a speedy receiver that can come in and contribute immediately.

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