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Practice report: Nov 12

The Huskies had their third prep practice for the Calgary Dinos last night at Griffiths Stadium. It was a 90 minute event under clear skies and it was a pleasant evening.

As usual on the third practice, the Huskies spent a lot of time on Special Teams. The practice started out with warm-ups and individual work. After that, the team did some Special Teams work and then some Team O and Team D.

Taking a breather at practice.

They guys looked loose once again. But they got a lot of work done fine-tuning the offense and defense. There are some nice looking wrinkles that should be fun to watch.

In what has been a tradition for a number of years, the parents do a pot luck supper after the Thursday practice in the playoffs. Last night was no exception. The players really appreciate the support from their families at this time of year. For many of the out-of-town players, these potlucks are the best meal they’ve had since Thanksgiving. “It sure beats fishsticks and fries,” joked Laurence Nixon. Ahh, life of a college student!

Huskies family potluck.

Scott McHenry and Tyler O’Gorman stood up and thanked the parents this week (Bryce McCall did last week).

On the day that he found out that he was named the Most Outstanding Defensive Player in the Canada West, it was also Taylor Wallace’s birthday. Of course the parents couldn’t resist singing Happy Birthday and making him a huge cake. We asked Talyor what he wanted for his birthday. He said, “A Hardy Cup.”

Guess who's birthday it is?

There is a press conference today at 1:30 and we will be there to get interviews from the coaches and key players. We’ll have them posted a few hours after that as part of our preview.

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  1. Dave says:

    When do the Dogs practice today?

  2. The Outsider says:

    Hello Dave… The Huskies do a walk-through at 4:30 today*. These practices usually last about 45 minutes to an hour.

    *subject to change

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