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Huskies Flag Plant; Nov 7, 2009

At each home game, the Huskies ask a season ticket holder to plant the Huskies flag at center field during the Huskies team introductions. On November 7 against the Regina Rams, Dana Weeks had the hounour.

Dana Weeks plants the Huskies Flag during the Huskies team intro.

The Huskie Football Team recognizes the amazing support of the fans and uses the Flag Plant as a way to thank a season ticker holder for their passion about the team. The fan waves the Huskies Flag while the team enters the field amongst fireworks, music and a full-house of standing, noisy fans.

“It was a very special experience,” said Weeks. “You can really get a feel for what it is like to be on the field during a game. Thanks to the Huskies for asking me to do this. I will remember it forever.”

Weeks has been a season ticket holder since 2007 and a Huskies fan since the late 1980s. He sits in Section 11.

Previous Huskies Flag Plant season ticket holders:
Dana Weeks, Nov 7, 2009 (Sect 11)
John Hyshka, Oct 23, 2009 (Sect 11)
Dallas Carpenter, Oct 9, 2009 (Sect 3)

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