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Practice report: Oct 27

The Huskies practiced for about an hour and forty minutes last night on a cold, windy October evening. They travel to Regina on Friday to take on the Rams before starting the playoffs in Saskatoon on November 7 at 1:00pm.

It was a typical second prep practice with most of the new wrinkles on offense and defense being finalized. The Huskies started out with special teams work, then some individual group work followed by team offense and team defense.

The receivers uncharacteristically were dropping a lot of passes in the one-on-one sessions against the defensive backs. However, they did a 180 and caught almost everything in the team sessions.

Shayne Dueck had a strong practice and was part of the play of the day. The Huskies defense had a middle linebacker blitz called and the linebacker looped around the right defensive end.We couldn’t see if it was Hubert Buydens or Darren Hinds who moved out to make the block, but one of them had a great read. That gave Laurence Nixon time to find Dueck in the endzone. Nixon put the ball into Deuck’s hands as three defensive backs converged on him. A perfect read, a perfect pass and a 45 yard touchdown.

The play of the day on defense came from freshman Alex Burko. The Huskies were attempting to run a short pass and Burko came out of nowhere to bat the ball down at the line. It was an athletic play that got the defense fired up.

Today, the Huskies practice at 5:00.

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