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Officially Speaking v3

Each week, we ask an amateur football official, White Hat, to clarify some rules of the game. If you have any questions, please email us and we will ask on your behalf (skhuskies at gmail dot com)

Thomas from Saskatoon: At the Huskies game against UBC last Friday, there was quite a wind. Are there special rules when a punt goes high, but does not travel far in the wind? Should the refs blow the ball dead?

White Hat: Officials may blow a punt dead, if it’s short, in the middle of the field, and coming down in a crowd of players. This is done for safety reasons, and is solely at the discretion of the officials. It usually occurs on a windy day, but wind is not part of the rule. Note: a short punt coming down in the endzone is never blown dead.

The Outsider (from parts unknown): UBC had the ball on the Huskies 16 yard line and the Huskies were assessed with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (roughing the passer). The ball was moved to the Huskies 1 yard line. Was this the correct call?

White Hat: This is a new rule this year. Unnecessary Roughness (15 yards) and Rough Play (25 yards) are now marked off their full distance, or the one yard line, if the yardage would put the ball in the endzone. The previous rule stipulated “half the distance”. Note: Pass interference continues to be marked off the full distance as well.

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