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Officially speaking: v2

Each week, we ask an amateur football official, White Hat, to clarify some rules of the game. If you have any questions, please email us and we will ask on your behalf (skhuskies at gmail dot com)

The Outsider: In the fourth quarter of the Rams game, the Huskies had a good punt return by Travis Gorski. There were two penalties called on the play, one on the Huskies and one on the Rams. The result was that the Huskies retained the ball where Gorski first possessed it. Why were these penalties not offsetting and the kick redone?

White Hat: Since the holding call was the first infraction, and occurred after the kick had crossed the line of scrimmage, the point of application becomes the point of possession of the punt. This took us to the point Gorski gained possession, and the penalties were applied ( balanced off ) at that spot.

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