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Spring Scrimmage recap

Cory Jones

Cory Jones

The Huskies ran their Spring Scrimmage earlier today. About 500 people witnessed the 60 minute session on a beautiful Sunday morning. The team ran about 8o plays.

The first team offense fired on cylinders. Quarterback Laurence Nixon threw several long passes for completions. Tyler O’Gorman had some nice, tough runs up the middle. New recruits Rory Kohlert and Jeff Moore led the receivers with a few great catches. New recruit Cam Redl subbed in with the first group and seemed to fit right in. Ben Hennan and Travis Gorski did not play.

From the defensive side, the first team defense had its moments too. New recruits Zach Hart and Levi Steinhauer plugged in some holes on the D-Line.  Taylor Wallace, Lyndon Boychuck and Peter Thiel looked to be in mid-season form. Reserve Linebacker and new recruit Charlie Power had a great game with a number of nice tackles and a near goal-line interception. Alex Adams stepped up in the defensive backfield as he filled in for Jon Krahenbil. First year Huskie Harley Irwin played two positions and seemed to always be around the ball.

On the second team, quarterbacks Trevor Barss and Parker Siemens both looked impressive. The two seem to have more confidence this year. Jeff Hassler continued his strong camp with some nice running and a few receptions on a screen play and a swing. New recruit Brad Nehring had a number of nice blocks.

Toby Sroka had a good game and will likely be pushing for a starting spot on the D-line in the fall. Garry Wilson had a good offseason and this showed in scrimmage.

Moment of the day: Nixon was flushed from the pocket and ran for a first down. Toby Sroka accidentally tackled Nixon which got the offense and defense chirping at each other. Nixon said something to the defense which seemed to calm things down.

Players of the day:
Offense: Rory Kohlert who had a number of receptions early in the scrimmage.
Defense: Harley Irwin was around the ball and defended three deep passes successfully.

The Outsider will have some interviews later today. See you then. In the meantime, we’ve uploaded some photos to the Flickr page.

2 Responses to “Spring Scrimmage recap”

  1. Dallas says:

    Was Irwin #30? We were trying to figure that out – he wasn’t on the roster. I heard his name called out by the coaches a few times, though.

  2. skhuskies says:

    Irwin was indeed number 30. The Outsider is not sure why he wasn’t listed in the roster sheet. The roster sheet was made early last week, so there were probably some tweaks that could have been made.

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