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Mailbag 001: McHenry and Brown

Ivan Brown (r) watching Sundays scrimmage.

Ivan Brown (r) watching Sunday's scrimmage.

The Outsider had a few questions show up in the email, so we thought we would answer them and open up the mailbag for the future. If you have a question, please post it in the comments section below or fire us an email at skhuskies at gmail dot com. We will try to answer your questions every week.

From Dax in Toronto: Did Brown or McHenry play in the scrimmage? What’s next for them?
Defensive lineman Ivan Brown and receiver Scott McHenry were both drafted by CFL teams on Saturday. Brown went 31st overall to Montreal. McHenry went in the next spot to Calgary. Neither player played in the scrimmage. Both players participated in the non-contact parts of spring camp the three days before the scrimmage. The Outsider asked Brown when he was going to negotiate his contract. Brown said that he talked to the Alouettes and they were mailing him an offer this week. Both players have CIS eligibility left; the Outsider hopes that they make the CFL, but if they do not, the Huskies would welcome them back.

From Mitch in Saskatoon: How many season tickets are sold so far?
Huskies season tickets went on sale on Wednesday and you can get them here. Huskie Athletics has not been able to count the number of packages that are sold because they can barely keep up with the orders coming in. With the entire stadium switching to reserved seats this season, fans are encouraged to get their tickets early to ensure great seats. The Outsider will attempt to get an update on the next few days.

John from parts unknown: How many playoff games will the Huskies host?
Well, the Huskies hope that they will host two games, but that means that they would have to finish first place in the the CanadaWest conference and then win the first game. There is potential for the CanadaWest champion to host two playoff games. If the Huskies win both CanadaWest playoff games, they would travel and play the Atlantic winner at the Uteck Bowl. If the Huskies are successful there, they would play in the Vanier Cup at Laval (in Quebec City). That is a lot of “ifs”. The Huskies have an expectation of playing in the Vanier Cup, but the team is not looking that far ahead. They have said that they will take things one game at a time. Their next goal is working out and staying in shape over the summer.

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